Web Development and eLearning

Free Geek Project: Adobe Captivate project in beta testing.
As a volunteer, I am creating eLearning modules for Free Geek’s Build Program here in Portland. Free Geek specializes in computer and electronics recycling and has a multitude of excellent community programs.

tuxthepenguinFree Geek Hardware ID module

Please view in the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 9 or later,
Safari 5.1 or later, or
Google Chrome 17 or later.
Works on iPads with OS version 5 or later.
Submit an issue report for the Hardware ID module.

Earlier Work:
Project Plans:  Free Geek Moodle Project Plan
Free Geek Moodle Strategies and Activities Plan
Prezi: Moodle Summary 
Objectives: Free Geek Moodle Objectives for Instructors
Budget: Free Geek Moodle Budget
Gantt Chart: Free Geek Gantt Chart

Issues of Accessibility
Efficiency in eLearning
Using Backward Design for Training and Development

Brain-Friendly Teaching

IMG_0263 smaller
Brain Friendly Teaching Cards
Leadership and eLearning
Learning Communities (Prezi)
Lesson Plan: Teaching Personal Space
and Personal Space Presentation

Special Education

Special Education: Discipline
Free and Appropriate Education
Traumatic Brain Injury Presentation
Student Progress Tracker (for use with Numbers on iPad)