Sample Instructor Lesson

(Created in Captivate)
Learning Outcome: Learner Facilitation-Application
Description: This is a sample lesson for Free Geek’s volunteer instructors. I am developing a Moodle LMS for Free Geek’s courses, and laying down the structure for each course. This (work in progress) lesson introduces the Moodle, and starts to orient instructors to the Moodle’s structure and features. I hope to provide continuing support for instructors as they take control of their course. This will appear on the Instructors course, where other Moodle-related documentation and discussion will appear.

Skills Gained: I learned how to use Adobe Captivate. It was for a course called Building Online Training. It was exciting to see how my knowledge of CSS and variables could apply to Captivate. I learned I definitely could be happy doing Captivate (or similar) as a profession.

Lessons Learned: It was wonderful to have a class more oriented in technological skills. Steven Browning was amazing, and he was an excellent speaker on technical concepts. I’m generally inclined to do well with new applications, and it felt good to be so proficient as a beginner. It was definitely a favorite class.

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