Learning Outcomes Reflection and Artifact

Using the Memorable Learning Experiences Worksheet, describe what you learned from the experience and/or why this was important, and identify the PACE Learning Outcome it relates to. You can have limitless learning experiences, but make sure you identify at least one learning experience for each of the PACE Learning Outcome

Using this Worksheet as an inspiration, write a 1st draft Learning Outcome Reflection for each Learning Outcome. Please note that while the Topic of each reflection is a specific PACE Learning Outcome, the focus of each essay is on a learning experience that illustrates your learning in this area.

For each Learning Outcome, use at least one of the memorable learning experiences from your worksheet and include the following sections:

· Description or Overview: Can be a brief overview of the work or experience that illustrates your learning in this area, including an overview of the work, including its purposes and goals. Consider these questions: What does the Learning Outcome mean to you? Describe the context of the experience. Where did take place? What class? What assignment? What did you find as the most engaging or rewarding aspect of the work/experience? Why is this work important to you?

· Skills Gained: What did you do? What kind of knowledge or skills did you gain? Use action verbs to describe the kinds of decisions and actions that went along with this work/experience. Consider these questions: What were the major tasks involved in this experience? How did you spend your time? Describe an “aha” moment you had. What did you learn?

· Lessons Learned: How has the learning described for this Learning Outcome influenced other areas of your life or work. Consider these questions: How has this experience addressed your overall learning and/or professional goals? How have you applied what you’ve learning from this experience in other areas of your life? What an you do better or differently in the future because of this experience? How will this experience shape how you may approach things in the future?

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